August 14, 2017

Isaiah 53:6 (NLT) — 6 All of us, like sheep, have strayed away. We have left God’s paths to follow our own. Yet the Lord laid on him the sins of us all.

Thanks to your prayers and the good hand of the Lord and 4900 miles later I made it back home. Each day I thanked the Lord for letting me ride in and enjoy his world. My friend and I traveled in weather that varied from 52 degrees to 110 degrees! The only time we experienced rain was on the first day a few miles before we arrived in Watertown, South Dakota for breakfast. It is extremely dry out West and there are many forest fires burning. Some days we rode through a lot of smoke.

Our longest day in terms of miles was the first day in which we traveled to Limon, Colorado. It was 834 miles. We left Fergus at 4:40am and arrived in Limon at 6 pm that evening and that was after gaining an hour! It was a wonderful trip. We saw everything from flat farm land to snow covered mountains. From lakes to an ocean. From wheat fields to grape vineyards and from deer to sea lions. We ate food that ranged from pancakes to artichokes. The highlight of the trip was when Andy’s cousin took us across the Golden Gate Bridge to San Francisco. She knew her way around from having lived in San Francisco so she gave us a personal tour of the area and of Fisherman’s Wharf. We had fish and chips at Codmother’s and chocolate at Ghiradelli’s the original chocolate shop.

Andy is a great planner. He planned out the route that we were to take each day and had made motel reservations six months in advance. We intentionally followed the route each day and in the evening we always ended up at our destination and better yet we ended up in our final destination which was home!

Our memory verse talks about a route or a path. And yes I realized that we had this verse the week I left but we didn’t get to spend the week on it so I thought I would bring it back. Any way our verse says that all of us have wandered off the path that God had planned for us. God’s path is a path of obedience to him. As long as we obey him we stay on the path and that path will eventually lead us to our final destination which is heaven.

To stay on God’s path I believe we must do as Andy and I did on our trip be intentional.  We need to be intentional about following the route of obedience that God has mapped out for us each day. If we are not intentional about obeying God the danger is getting sidetracked like Eve did in the Garden of Eden. If she would have been intentional about obeying she wouldn’t have listened to the serpent. When a couple is intentional about loving each other their marriage lasts because they will let nothing else come between them. When parents are intentional about raising their children for Jesus they will let nothing else take that time. When you are intentional about worshipping the Lord with your church family Sunday’s don’t get taken over by something else. When you are intentional about good health exercise and nutritious eating do not take a backseat to being sedentary and eating junk food. Listen to the intentionality to live for the Lord in the following verses:

Psalm 118:24 (NLT) — 24 This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.

Genesis 39:9 (NLT) — 9 No one here has more authority than I do. He has held back nothing from me except you, because you are his wife. How could I do such a wicked thing? It would be a great sin against God.”

Psalm 101:3 (NLT) — 3 I will refuse to look at anything vile and vulgar. I hate all who deal crookedly; I will have nothing to do with them.

Joshua 24:15 (NLT) — 15 …choose today whom you will serve. …But as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.”

If you want to stay on God’s path you must be intentional. No one just drifts onto the path of obedience. If you find yourself straying be intentional and repent and get back on the path. What a sweet word for us to etch on our minds > Intentional.

Be Inspired Hilltop!


  1. Mary Anne Frank says

    Welcome back, Pastor Dan. I have missed the daily blog! But I figure it is always a good thing to be longing for more of the Word!
    Intentional is an interesting word. In our culture it is often used to describe sinful acts (intentional murder, intentional acts of terrorism, intentional acts of espionage, etc). The courts use the word premeditated which is one of the synonyms of intentional.
    In Genesis 50 :20 Joseph told his brothers “You intended to harm me but God intended it for good”. His brother’s intentions were evil but
    God’s intentions are ALWAYS good. If I seek Him then my intentions will be good. Once again grace required!!

  2. Toni Ericson says

    Happy trails brought you back home! Good to read your blog today. May the Lord continue to guide us! Thank you and God bless!