November 21, 2017

Philippians 4:6 (NLT) — 6 Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.

In Father God’s house time is not spent worrying because there is nothing to worry about. So what do we do with our time? Our verse says to pray, which is way more productive than worrying.

When my granddaughters come over to my house we do things together. That is the point of having them come over, I want enjoy our time together. We play with toys. We put legos together. We color in books, on pieces of paper and sometimes on the table and each others faces:) We read books, well I guess grandpa reads. We make smoothies and waffles and sandwiches. The point is that when they come over we do everything together.

Well Father God wants to do everything together with us and prayer is one way that  we can do many things together. In fact Father God and I go all over the world doing things together without me leaving the house. Our friend Ben Wood works for an agency called Zoe International. Ben is in Thailand and what they do is rescue children before they get taken for sex trafficking, they rescue those already taken in sex trafficking and they help them to have a new start in life. So I work together with Father God by praying that He will help Ben and all the others working to stop sex trafficking, rescue the people, introduce them to Jesus and provide for them to make it in this life. If I was spending my time worrying God and I wouldn’t have the thrill of rescuing people together.

I pray the Father God will heal Rondi Hamilton, in Oman, of her amniotic tear so that she can carry her baby full term. I pray that Chris and the boys will be fine while she is in the hospital and that they will have all the finances that they need to cover their expenses. I pray that they will all learn the language well and be able to speak it fluently. I pray that they will be use of God to lead many of the Muslim people there to Jesus. I pray that their faith would not fail and that they would always rejoice in God sending them to Oman. I know that by working together with Father God in prayer the we are accomplishing many good things in the lives of the Hamilton family.

Along with Father God I pray for the leaders of our nation and our state and city that Father God would put his thoughts in their minds so that they would think His thoughts and carry them out. I pray for the salvation of the leaders of our nation, state and city. I pray that those who will not turn to God will be removed from public office. What wonderful adventure it is to work together with Father God in pray.

My granddaughters love coming to grandpa’s house because it is not boring. They want to do everything with grandpa. Our memory verse says that Father God wants to do everything with us in prayer. I love being in Father God’s house because working together with Him in prayer is anything but boring! I mean after all we are changing the World!

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