February 12, 2018

Romans 15:30 (NLT) — 30 Dear brothers and sisters, I urge you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to join in my struggle by praying to God for me. Do this because of your love for me, given to you by the Holy Spirit.

Paul wanted the people to struggle in prayer for him. Here is what that word struggle means:

Struggle = sunagōnízomai = sun = together, agonizomai = to wrestle for victory. This speaks of an athlete giving his or her best in a contest. It means that together our praying should not be a casual ho-hum experience but that we should pray to win!

Paul is asking that the people put as much effort into their praying as a wrestler would put into a wrestling match.

I believe that you all did this for me. Friday I asked all of you who read my blog to pray for me because I had been struggling with an illness and I didn’t want it to get the best of me. I wanted to be able to preach on Sunday. Well by the time Sunday rolled around I felt good and I was able to preach!

This was huge for me and I will tell you why. I went to the clinic on Thursday because I knew that I was battling with bronchitis. I seem to have a yearly bought with this and I can’t seem to get over it unless I get an antibiotic. So I went to the clinic hoping to get the antibiotic and then be on my way to healing. However that did not happen. Apparently the Doctors are under strict orders not to dispense antibiotics as freely as they had in the past. So even though my symptoms showed what I had, along with a 101 degree fever, and my medical records showed that each time I was given an antibiotic I was healed the doctor refused to give it to me. I was told I had to be sick with all the symptoms for at a minimum of ten days and then they would consider giving me the antibiotic. (I really miss you Dr. Mark because you always helped me.)

Remember I have never beaten this without an antibiotic. When I left the clinic I said, “Lord you have to help me now because there is no help coming from the doctors.” Right away three thoughts came into my mind. One was that I would ask all of you to pray, which I did. Two was that as soon as I got home I was going to have Holy Communion, which I did.. And the third was that because I am into using essential oils I was going to check and see which were the best anti bacterial ones, which I did.

I found that I had six oils that were touted to be good anti-bacterial fighters. So I put a drop of each in a glass of water and drank it down. I did this four times a day starting on Thursday. Thursday in the middle of the night my fever broke. And I began to feel better. My coughing up crud decreased each day and on Sunday morning I felt weak but mostly healed!

Again this is huge for me to be able to get over this without and antibiotic. So Thank You for praying to win. I feel loved.

Be Inspired Hilltop!



  1. Yes, you are loved! Here I was thinking I hadn’t helped you much because I failed at sending any examples for your message on Sunday. Haven’t listened to it yet as I was busy with our little toddlers but I’m sure you did (super) fine. Sounds like prayers were needed more than examples anyway. Happy that you’re better:)