August 27, 2018

Psalm 35:28 (NLT) — 28 Then I will proclaim your justice, and I will praise you all day long.

Why not declare today a day of praise? We have a day for almost everything we can think of like; mother’s day, father’s day, arbor day, valentines day, may day etc. Just the fact the we have had our sins forgiven should give us the incentive for a day of praise. A day when we allow nothing negative to pass over our lips.

There are diets that get us to right down everything that we put into our mouths. It is kind of  wake up call to let us know how much mindless eating we do. In our day or diet of praise let us be conscious of everything that comes out of our mouths. We might be surprised how much of it is negative and has nothing to do with praise.

What a way to honor God with a day of praise. Charles Spurgeon said, “We tend to etch our troubles in stone and write our blessings in sand.” It is easy to remember the trouble and forget the blessings. I submit to you that a day of praise every now and then would help to write our troubles in the sand and our blessings in stone.

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