November 8, 2018

Histamines are chemicals your immune system makes. They act like bouncers in a night club. They help your body get rid of something that’s bothering you like something that you are allergic to. They are part of your body’s defense system. However what you are allergic to can cause so many histamines to be released the your nose can start to run, mucous is increased, because of the blood that the histamines cause to rush to the area inflammation occurs, airway passages can close up as in an asthma attack. Hence one needs an antihistamine to block the histamines and calm down the inflamed area.

If a person knew what the body could handle as far as histamines being released one could stay away from those things that would cause an allergic reaction. Years ago I was diagnosed with bronchial asthma. I also was allergy tested and found out that I was allergic to dust, mold, cat hair, some pollens like grass and ragweed, and certain foods particularly cheese and anything fermented.

The problem is that I never know what the tipping point is going to be so I wear a mask when I mow the lawn, I try to keep a clean house and I stay away from certain foods or at least eat them in moderation. Summer time is the worst and that is when I really have to watch what I eat. But again because I have no meter on my body to let me know when I have reached my histamine limit I need to be careful to what I expose my body too.

A similar situation exists in 2 Kings 21 only the issue isn’t histamines the issue is sin and when does a person reach the limit of sin before God reacts with judgement? I don’t know the answer because we don’t have a built in sin limiter. But I do know that King Manasseh and Judah reached their limit.

2 Kings 21:10–15 (NLT) — 10 Then the Lord said through his servants the prophets: 11 “King Manasseh of Judah has done many detestable things. He is even more wicked than the Amorites, who lived in this land before Israel. He has caused the people of Judah to sin with his idols. 12 So this is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: I will bring such disaster on Jerusalem and Judah that the ears of those who hear about it will tingle with horror. 13 I will judge Jerusalem by the same standard I used for Samaria and the same measure I used for the family of Ahab. I will wipe away the people of Jerusalem as one wipes a dish and turns it upside down. 14 Then I will reject even the remnant of my own people who are left, and I will hand them over as plunder for their enemies. 15 For they have done great evil in my sight and have angered me ever since their ancestors came out of Egypt.”

When my system is overloaded with histamines and my airways start closing down I reach for my inhaler and take a few puffs and that settles down the inflammation and allows me to breath freely. There was no inhaler for Manasseh and Judah to reach for to settle down the inflammation their sins had caused. They had reached the limit and now they would suffer the consequences. Judgement would be irreversible.

I read a story about a college student named Byung Soo Kim. He was an engineering student at the University of Michigan. On his 21st birthday his friends threw a party for him. To celebrate he was going to down 21 shots of scotch; one for every year of his life. After the 20th shot he passed out and died in the hospitable the next day with a blood alcohol level of 0.39 percent. He had a limit. He didn’t know he had a limit and he went beyond it and it destroyed him.

That is the way it is with sin. There is a limit, a line we cannot cross and we don’t know where that limit or line is. And that my good people should always bring us to repentance. And like author Dale Ralph Davis says, “A broken and crushed heart (Ps. 51:17) doesn’t look all that bad when one considers the alternative.

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