March 18, 2019

A few months ago I was going to get a birthday gift for a person that I know. I racked my small brain trying to figure out what to get that would be special and appreciated. I couldn’t think of anything so I asked the Holy Spirit for an idea, after all He is an expert in everything. An idea eventually popped into my mind and I went and got the gift. I even told someone else what I got and they said what a sweet gift and that it would be perfect for that person. I sent the gift ahead because I was not going to be able to attend the birthday party. I was told later that when the package was opened it was met with a great big smile. Funny thing though I was never thanked for the gift even though later I saw that it was out on display in this person’s house.

Am I perturbed by the fact that I didn’t get a thank you? No, in fact I still hang out with that person from time to time. I just felt saddened in my heart because this person couldn’t say ‘thank you’.

The psalmist who wrote psalm 136 perhaps had come across many people who had taken God’s many gifts(blessings)for granted and he wanted to make sure that they got the message to say ‘thank you’. I think you will agree when you read the psalm.

Psalm 136:1 (NLT) — 1 Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever.

Don’t just meet the goodness and faithful love of God with a smile. Smiles are cool but a ‘thank you’ makes it all worthwhile.

Be Inspired Hilltop!


  1. Verses 23-26: Thank you Father for giving me your strength today in place of my weakness. Thank you for giving me the sword of your spirit to battle the enemy and have victory. Thank you for giving me good, healthy food to eat so I can take care of the body your spirit has chosen to live in…wow! Giving you thanks God for your faithfulness toward me even when I’m not and your forever enduring love for me even when I act less than loving. You are an amazing and perfect Father!

    Thank you Pastor Dan for your faithfulness to us by continuing to do your blog even though there must be days when you wonder if anyone is out there:) We are here!