March 19, 2019

Psalm 136:1 (NLT) — 1 Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever.

Lord = Jehovah the self existing one. He depends on no one else for life support. He is self supporting. Jehovah didn’t need us to bring him into existence. Jehovah doesn’t need us to sustain Him. Jehovah would be absolutely fine without us. There isn’t anything that we bring to the table that would enhance the life of Jehovah. We have done nothing to deserve His love and we will never do anything to deserve His love. We can do nothing to have Him love us more or do anything to have Him love us less. There is nothing that can separated us from Jehovah’s love.

Jehovah is also the covenant keeping God. A God that would never give up on his people. Genesis 2:4 God identifies himself as Jehovah to Adam and Eve.  God is not ‘bad to the bone’, He is good through and through. There is not an ounce of evil in him. He proved it to Adam and Eve. He did not forsake them. He helped and provided for them. Even though they hurt his creation. Even though they were not faithful to him. Yet His love never quit for them. His love never quit for the whole human race. He sent Jesus to pay the penalty of sin for us. Because of His Goodness He cannot quit or give up on us, it would be so out of character. He deserves our thanks. Thank you Lord for being good and not evil. For being generous and not selfish. He deserves a standing ovation. He always does good. The test of His goodness is that His love never fails. Never, Ever, Never. He loves us because He loves us. He will never run out of unfailing love.

Is that that yelling, clapping, dancing and cheering that I hear going on! 😆 🙄 🙂

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