March 21, 2019

So I read through Psalm 110 which is all about Jesus. There are many things in this Psalm that could be discussed like the spiritual reign of Jesus(vs:1), the priestly reign of Jesus(vss:2-3) and the judicial reign of Jesus(vss:4-7). Or I could have expounded on who Melchizedek is and how he relates to Jesus. I just didn’t have the inspiration to talk about any of that. However as I read verse 3 one word caught my attention >

Psalm 110:3 (NLT) — 3 When you go to war, your people will serve you willingly. You are arrayed in holy garments, and your strength will be renewed each day like the morning dew.

The word that stopped me was ‘willingly’. I remember all the times growing up when my parents had to keep afte me to clean my room, help with dishes after supper, sweep out the garage and mow the lawn. I always did those things mostly because I was afraid of the consequences but most of the time I did them unwillingly.

As a parent I really appreciated when my son did the things that I asked him to do willingly. I mean who wants to fight, argue, beg and bribe all the time. There was a lot more peace, joy contentment in our home when things were done willingly by all of us in the family.

Willingly doesn’t that have a nice tone to it? Doesn’t it ooze with pleasantness? Doesn’t it bring a sense of well being to the soul? I think it is a word that deserves a standing ovation. What would life be like if people willingly took responsibility for their own lives? What if people willingly came to work on time with a cheerful attitude? What if people willingly stayed late to finish a job without complaining or leaving it to the next person to do? What if we willingly submitted to one another? What if children willingly helped around the house? What if we all willingly obeyed the laws of the land?

What if all people every where willingly gave their lives to Christ? What if we willingly prayed and studied the scriptures? What if we willing got involved in our church without be asked over and over to volunteer? What if we willingly saw what needed to be done and then would go ahead and do it without being asked or begged? What if we willingly put the Kingdom of God first?

I really didn’t want to do a blog today and then that word willingly changed my whole demeanor. That’s what willing can do. 🙂 Thank you Holy Spirit.

Our eternal destiny hinged upon that word willingly. It is because Jesus willingly laid down his life that we can have eternal life. Willingly. It really is a word that deserves a standing ovation.

John 10:18 (CEV) — 18 No one takes my life from me. I give it up willingly! I have the power to give it up and the power to receive it back again, just as my Father commanded me to do.

Here is a prayer of David that all of us can pray:

Psalm 51:12 (NLT) — 12 Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and make me willing to obey you.

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