April 10, 2019

Psalm 129:1 (NLT) — 1 From my earliest youth my enemies have persecuted me. Let all Israel repeat this:

Sometimes to strengthen one’s faith it is good to look back and see not what one has accomplished as a Christian but what one has survived because of the grace of God. This is what the psalmist is mostly doing in Psalm 129. I suggest doing the same because by doing this it should bring you to the place of being very grateful to the Lord.

Psalm 129:2 (NLT) — 2 From my earliest youth my enemies have persecuted me, but they have never defeated me.

Look back on all the flak you took or the times you were made fun of perhaps from friends, family and co-workers because you were a Christian and yet you are still living for the Lord. Your faith is still intact. You have survived. Yea! God’s people may be oppressed but never consumed. As the old hymn said, “On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand.”

Psalm 129:3 (NLT) — 3 My back is covered with cuts, as if a farmer had plowed long furrows.

The plowing image is a good one for believers today, for it reminds us that there can be a glorious harvest, but it depends on the seeds that we plant. Of itself, suffering does not produce blessing. If we plant seeds of hatred and resentment, then suffering will produce bitterness. But if we plant faith, hope, love, and the precious promises of the Word, then the harvest will bless us and help others, and it will bring glory to God. (See 1 Peter 4:12–19.) God permits people to treat us like dirt, and we must accept it, but we have the privilege of transforming it by the grace of God into character that honors the Lord. Warren Wiersbe.

The enemy uses tough times to try to plant seeds into our lives, The key is not to let the enemy plant his seeds of bitterness, resentment and unforgiveness in you. Don’t be that kind of soil where these things thrive. Continue to trust in the Lord and go about your day living for Him.

Psalm 129:4 (NLT) — 4 But the Lord is good; he has cut me free from the ropes of the ungodly.

The wicked might be strong but our God is stronger. Good always trumps evil and light always dispels darkness, always. Isn’t that the point in the story of Daniel’s three friends in Daniel 3 and of Peter in Acts 12 and of Paul and Silas in Acts 16 and Christ in the grave?

Psalm 129:5 (NLT) — 5 May all who hate Jerusalem be turned back in shameful defeat.

Some take offence at the prayer the Psalmist made against the enemies of Israel, yet there is really no basis for such offence. “It is striking in this case at least how mild these imprecations are. The psalmist is not asking that those who have harmed Israel be sent to hell, or even that they experience the same sufferings they have inflicted on others. He asks only that they and their designs might not prosper.” (James Boice)
This is “a proper wish, and contains within it no trace of personal ill-will. We desire their welfare as men, their downfall as traitors. Let their conspiracies be confounded, their policies be turned back. How can we wish prosperity to those who would destroy that which is dearest to our hearts?” (Charles Spurgeon)
Psalm 129:6 (NLT) — 6 May they be as useless as grass on a rooftop, turning yellow when only half grown,
Just as grass has a short season of success pray that the success of our enemies will be short lived. The enemies success is seasonal.
Psalm 129:7 (NLT) — 7 ignored by the harvester, despised by the binder.
The farmer sprays the weeds and when it comes time for harvest the weeds that are left are ignored and the grain is what is harvested. Pray that the voices of our enemies, those who hate the truth and spew out lies, will be exposed for what they are > lies and that they will be silenced and ignored. In other words that they will not be given the time of day. That they will not be given a platform from which to speak from.

Psalm 129:8 (NLT) — 8 And may those who pass by refuse to give them this blessing: “The Lord bless you; we bless you in the Lord’s name.”

The world of the ungodly may give evil a blessing but those of us who live for the Lord will never give it our blessing by being involved in it or watching it. And without the blessing of the Lord evil will perish.

Again look back and see how the grace of God has caused you to survive and thrive. Give him thanks.

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