April 12, 2019

The blog that you read today I have usually written the day before. So today’s blog I wrote yesterday. As I am writing the wind is howling, the snow is swirling and old leaves left from last fall are rushing across the street. Outside my home is anything but calm but inside it is warm, toasty and calm.

Have you ever had days when on the inside of you it is anything but calm? I am sure that in running from King Saul for ten years, being married to Michal for a short time, dealing with his own sons rebellion, and all the wars he fought as king, David must have had those days because he is writing Psalm 131 to tell us how to eliminate or at least bring down to a bare minimum those howling, swirling, upsetting inside days.

Psalm 131 (NLT) — A song for pilgrims ascending to Jerusalem. A psalm of David. 1 Lord, my heart is not proud; my eyes are not haughty. I don’t concern myself with matters too great or too awesome for me to grasp. 2 Instead, I have calmed and quieted myself, like a weaned child who no longer cries for its mother’s milk. Yes, like a weaned child is my soul within me. 3 O Israel, put your hope in the Lord— now and always.

David said that his soul was quiet and calmed. The soul is our inner being with all of its thoughts and emotions and David learned how to quiet it. He did it by putting his hope or trust totally in the Lord and he did it NOW. Waiting only encourages inner turmoil. I mean how long do you want to feel stressed and ill-at-ease. I remember as a sergeant in the Air Force being called into the office of my commanding officer. As I entered I saluted and stood attention. He saluted back and then said, “At ease, sergeant.” I immediately obeyed.

Well David is the king who is saying to us, “At ease.” So what are you going to do when the king says, “At ease”? Aren’t you going to relax? He is the king and if the king doesn’t believe there is a need to have inner turmoil than there isn’t a need to have inner turmoil.

King Jesus says the same thing to us. Remember when the disciples were huddled in a room with the door locked because Jesus had been crucified and they were afraid of what might happen to them? Well when Jesus entered the room what did the say?

John 20:19 (NLT) — 19 That Sunday evening the disciples were meeting behind locked doors because they were afraid of the Jewish leaders. Suddenly, Jesus was standing there among them! “Peace be with you,” he said.

Wasn’t he saying, “At ease, I’ve got this under control”. Well does he or doesn’t he? You have to decide. When you decide that he does then you will be ‘at ease’.

Verse 1 > Now to get to that point David had to reject pride, thinking that he could do life on his own without God. He had to reject haughtiness, thinking that he was better than others. He had to accept the fact that he would never have all the answers to all of life’s perplexing questions.

Verse 2 > When a nursing baby cries the mother gives it milk. But there is a time when the nursing stops, the baby is weaned so that it can grow to maturity. David realized that every time he cried out to God that God would not always answer immediately or in the way David wanted him to answer. David understood that God was now growing his faith and bringing him on to maturity. He was being weaned so to speak. A weaned baby figures out after awhile that mom has not left it and mom will still provide but just not like she did before. Now the growing baby can be at ease and the crying and whining tapers off.

Well as I look outside the storm has not tapered off it is still howling, the snow is still swirling and the leaves are madly rushing across the street. However inside I am still warm, toasty and calm. I pray that your inside, your soul is warm, toasty and calm. 🙂

O Hilltop, put your hope in the Lord–now and always.

Be Inspired Hilltop!

For further insight google the story behind the hymn “It Is Well With My Soul” by Horatio Spaford