About Us

Everyone is searching for meaning. We all long to find a place of purpose and fulfillment. The world around us offers us many supposed solutions to this search. Success, marriage, children, education, and recognition all promise fulfillment but in the end they all leaves us wanting.

We believe that the God of the Bible has given us the answer to these great questions of life. We believe that true fulfillment can only be found in God.

This is our mission at Hilltop. We want to help you win at life! We want to connect you with God and his Church so that you can succeed in every aspect of your life.

We believe that by building strong families, we build a strong city. Our church is more than a man, a building, an organization, or a Sunday morning service. Hilltop Celebration Church is a group of missionaries, a family of believers, a population of diverse individuals united by a common relationship with Jesus Christ.

Won’t you join us? We sure would like to meet you.