What to Expect

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Be Yourself

Walking through the doors of an unfamiliar church can be intimidating.  But at Hilltop we are committed to being a place where everyone can relax and be themselves.  When you are here, you are family regardless if it is your first or 500th time with us.  How should you worship?  In whatever way you prefer.  Some people are very expressive, others are more reserved.  At Hilltop we give everyone the freedom to worship Jesus in any way they please as long as they are not being a distraction to others.

How to Dress

Come as you are! Seriously. We are a casual dress church. On a typical Sunday you will see a variety of dress. Everything from khaki pants and button up shirts to shorts and t-shirts. Everyone dresses comfortably. Relax. No need to dig your suit out of the closet.

Service Length

Because we encourage participation in worship, flexibility is important. However, our services typically run about an hour and a half or less. Your time is valuable, and we work hard to make sure we don’t waste it.


Children are our most valued treasures, and you will quickly see that when you bring your family.  Nursery care is provided by our incredibly caring nursery volunteers during our worship service for infants and toddlers.  You may check them in at the beginning of the service or at the midway point after the music has ended.  We also have an engaging Children’s Church for those 12 y/o and under.

Modern Worship

Our worship band plays with a contemporary style with an emphasis on modern worship songs. Worship is not just something we do, it’s who we are. The musical portion of our worship gathering is not treated as a warm up, but rather it is an integral part of how we experience God and community. You are invited to come and worship in whatever way you like. Make yourself at home!

Spiritual Gifts

We believe that Scripture is our highest authority. It is the primary way that God reveals Himself to us. As part of that, we believe that the Scripture teaches that the Holy Spirit still speaks as He did in the book of Acts. Because of this you may see the gift of prophecy and tongues in operation during one of our meetings. We always make sure that everything is judged by Scripture. We recognize that many of these gifts have been abused throughout history, and so we work hard at making sure that Hilltop is a safe, but spiritually rich, place to worship.