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July 5//Romans 15

Verse 1 > Paul continues talking about weak Christians > those who major on the nonessentials and strong Christians > those who are maturing and realize the difference between nonessentials ... [Continue Reading]

July 4/Romans 14

Today is July 4th on which we Americans celebrate our Independence from Great Britain. Chapter 14 is about Christian Liberty. Some Christians had the liberty to eat meat sacrificed to idols and some ... [Continue Reading]

July 1/Romans 13

In this chapter Paul gives us Christians four reasons for obeying the government. Verses 1-4 > Because of Punishment. Governments are put in place to keep law and order. The human race doesn't ... [Continue Reading]

June 30/Romans 12

Verses 1-2 > Paul says because of all God has given you, namely Jesus Christ, do this one thing for God > give him your body. How we handle day to day life is our worship of God. Christians ... [Continue Reading]

June 29/Romans 11

Verses 1-6 > Just because the majority of Israel turned their backs on God doesn't mean that God turned his back on them. Paul is evidence that God is still working. God told Elijah he had many ... [Continue Reading]

June 28/ Romans 10

Verse 1 > Who are you praying for to get saved? Write the names down and stay with it. Matthew 7:7–8 (NLT) — 7 “Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you ... [Continue Reading]

June 27/Romans 9

Verses 1-3 > Wow talk about a passion for the souls of people! Would I be willing to be 'cut off' from Christ if it meant salvation for some others? This really gives a peek into the inside of the ... [Continue Reading]

June 24/Romans 8

This chapter is so full of Good News that it would be beneficial to read it at least once a month. When things don't seem to be going well read it. When you have doubts about your standing with God or ... [Continue Reading]

June 23/Romans 7

Verses 1-6 > In these verses Paul answers the question; If we are not under the law but under grace can we continue to sin?" Verses 2-3 > As long as a husband and wife are alive they are ... [Continue Reading]

June 22/Romans 6

In Chapters 1-5 we learned about Justification > being made right with God. In chapters 6-8 we are going to learn about Sanctification > the process of being made more like God in his holiness. ... [Continue Reading]