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January 21/Matthew 14

Verses 1-12 > Sometimes in the heat of the moment or the excitement of the atmosphere we say things we shouldn't. Herod was in one of those moments. Probably spurred on by lust he says to the ... [Continue Reading]

January 20/Matthew 13

Verses 1-23 > The word of God is seed. God wants to sow this seed into our hearts to bring the changes to our lives that will yield fruit for Him. If we read with wanting to understand the Holy ... [Continue Reading]

January 19/Matthew 12

Verses 1-14 > you will always find people who will find fault with you no matter what you do. Ever grew up in a home where you couldn't do anything right to please your parents or worked on a job ... [Continue Reading]

January 18/Matthew 11

I hope you all had a great weekend! Verses 1-5 > Remember Jesus also has told us to go out and be witnesses for him. How do I do that you might ask. Well when John sent his disciples to ask ... [Continue Reading]

January 15/Matthew 10

As Jesus gave his disciples authority and then sent them out to show people what the kingdom of heaven was like > freedom from sickness, demons, disease and death; I noticed a couple of ... [Continue Reading]

January 14/Matthew 9

Verses 1-8 Chapter 8 was actioned packed and it doesn't settle down as Chapter 9 opens up. Jesus is at it again when it comes to healing and forgiving. Remember that our bible says the Jesus is the ... [Continue Reading]

January 13/Matthew 8

Wow what an action packed Chapter! Jesus really shows himself to be God in this chapter. There is so much here that I hardly know where to start. Help me Holy Spirit!! Jesus shows us that God is ... [Continue Reading]

January 12/Matthew 7

Jesus finished chapter 6 by telling us to put God first in our lives and live righteously or live the way God wants us to live. We all probably said to ourselves 'if that is what your want Father we ... [Continue Reading]

January 11 – Matthew 6

In the first 18 verses of Matthew 6 I notice 2 key words > When & Will. When we become Christians Jesus automatically assumes that we will work at developing these 4 spiritual disciplines. ... [Continue Reading]

Jan. 8 – Matthew 5

In our home when either Cleo or myself is being moody or out of sorts the other one will say, "Attitude Check". This causes a stop in the action to take time to examine our attitude to see if this is ... [Continue Reading]