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April 26/John 14

Verse 1 > Don't let your heart get to the point of being agitated, frazzled, or greatly disturbed. Instead of being trouble, trust God. Jesus goes on to say "remember heaven". You will not always ... [Continue Reading]

April 25/John 13

Verses 1-5 > If you had to choose one item that would best describe you what would that item be? Jesus grabbed at towel. The job of washing feet fell to the lowest servant in a household. When ... [Continue Reading]

April 22/John 12

Verse 2 > I guess four days in the grave didn't spoil Lazarus' appetite:) Verses 3-8 > I believe when we worship God it has a pleasing fragrance to him. Judas tried to put a false guilt trip ... [Continue Reading]

April 21/John 11

In this chapter we are going to see two of our fiercest enemies; death and unbelief. Jesus will handle death with a few words from his mouth. Unbelief is a tough rascal to defeat. In fact unbelief has ... [Continue Reading]

April 20/John 10

In chapter 9 Jesus talked about light and dark and now he switches to shepherd and sheep. In the Jewish mind a 'shepherd' was a leader and they looked to kings and prophets as shepherds. In this ... [Continue Reading]

April 19/John 9

This whole chapter is about sight. This chapter proves that people can see the same things and come to different conclusions. This chapter also proves the people will see only what they want to ... [Continue Reading]

April 18/John 8

We really do need to get to know Jesus. People were always trying to trap him, trick him and tear him apart and yet he was wise to it all. I want to get to the point in my life where I don't fall for ... [Continue Reading]

April 15/John 7

Verse 17 > This is a wonderful promise from Jesus. If a person is serious about obeying God and starts to obey what Jesus taught in the scriptures, God will reveal himself to that individual. That ... [Continue Reading]

April 14/ John 6

I would entitle this chapter, "You are What you Eat". Verses 1-21 > The people just fed themselves on the physical food that Jesus provided and they got filled up. How ever they didn't feed ... [Continue Reading]

April 13/ John 5

Verses 1-15 > I like this story because no matter what I may be going through Jesus knows where I am and I can count on him to help me. Out of all the crowds of people Jesus went to this guy. He ... [Continue Reading]