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April 12/John 4

Yesterday we saw a moral man come to Jesus in the cool of the night and Jesus told him he needed to be born again. Today we meet an immoral woman who met Jesus in the heat of the day and Jesus' ... [Continue Reading]

April 11/John 3

Verses 1-3 > Nicodemus was a very moral man. He was a Pharisee and the Pharisees had 613 laws that they had put together over the years that needed to be obeyed, at least in their eyes, if they ... [Continue Reading]

April 8/John 2

I was talking to a guy at Anytime Fitness one day and the conversation turned to Jesus. His comment on Jesus was that Jesus never seemed to have fun. He was always so serious and didn't seem to have ... [Continue Reading]

April 7/John 1

Verses 1-3 > John opens up his book of the Bible by calling Jesus the Word. When God the Father created Jesus spoke that creation into existence so he is called the Word; like there is no word that ... [Continue Reading]

April 6/Luke 24

Verse 1 > These gals were on a mission. They were going to find the body of Jesus.  They had prepared and they were going for it. Very early before anything else could come up to interrupt their ... [Continue Reading]

April 5/Luke 23

Verses 1-25 > Read through those first 25 verses and just marvel at the incredible love Jesus and the Father had for us. Three different times Pilate said the he found nothing wrong with Jesus, ... [Continue Reading]

April 4/Luke 22

If you have ever wondered if God is truly sovereign, in other words can God work out all things for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purpose, wonder no more! The answer ... [Continue Reading]

April 1/Luke 21

Leave it to Jesus to preface troubled times, persecuting times, and end times with a story that doesn't seem to have anything to do with the troubled future ahead and yet upon close examination it is ... [Continue Reading]

March 31/Luke 20

This chapter sort of sums up a lot of what Jesus went through in his three years of public ministry. People tried to discredit him, challenge his authority, get him in trouble with Rome, stump him ... [Continue Reading]

March 30/Luke 19

Well yesterday we had a great anniversary. Cleo and I spent time together; she also went shopping and I hung out at the place where  I used to sell motorcycles and then in the evening we took care of ... [Continue Reading]