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March 15/Luke 8

Verse 1 > This says that Jesus was on tour. Most rock bands name their tours. Let's call this tour by Jesus "The Highway to Forgiveness". The greatest need of mankind isn't a cure for cancer or ... [Continue Reading]

March 14/Luke 7

Verses 1-10 > I would entitle these ten verses: The Superior Officer. The roman officer acknowledged that Jesus was a superior officer in that he knew sickness had to carry out the orders of Jesus. ... [Continue Reading]

March 11/Luke 6

Wow I can't believe I did that yesterday. Somehow I got into Mark instead of Luke. Sorry about that it must have been that burger and fries and the fact that Cleo isn't feeling well so I have no one ... [Continue Reading]

March 10/Luke 5

Verse 1 > Life at times can be a series of storms. The disciples just faced a storm in nature where they breathed a sigh of relief when Jesus came to their rescue. As soon as they land and are ... [Continue Reading]

March 9/Luke 4

Verse 1 > This event in the wilderness that we are now going to read about happened after Jesus was water baptized, the Holy Spirit came upon him, and the Father had said how pleased he was with ... [Continue Reading]

March 8/Luke 3

Verses 1-2 > the year was about A.D. 28 or 29. It had been about 400 years since God had sent a prophet to Israel. Luke names 7 men in these two verses; an emperor, a governor, 3 rulers, and two ... [Continue Reading]

March7/Luke 2

Happy Monday! We ended Mark last Thursday with the death and resurrection of Jesus and today we cruise right back into his birth. It was very important that Jesus be born as a human being. This ... [Continue Reading]

March4/Luke 1

When I was a welder we didn't really want to start a new project on a Friday. Friday was usually used to finish up a project and perhaps, though I wouldn't admit it, to take it a little easier:) ... [Continue Reading]

March 3/Mark 16

Verses 1-2 > Here we have three ladies who were so in love with Jesus that they took their Saturday evening to go get some burial spices so they could get up early on Sunday to go see what they ... [Continue Reading]

March 2/Mark 15

Verse 1 > It says that they 'bound' Jesus. Seriously! Think about that for a minute. The creator of rope couldn't break the rope! What really bound Jesus was his love for us. That is the only ... [Continue Reading]