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March 1/Mark 14

Verses 1-2 > These guys remind me of the old saying, "You can't see the forest for the trees." They were so intent on obeying the laws of the Old Testament and keeping the 613 rules that they had ... [Continue Reading]

February 29/Mark 13

Happy Birthday to all of you Leap Year People! Verses 1-2 > sometimes we get so preoccupied with the everyday that we loose sight of the future. We make money and spend money and forget to set ... [Continue Reading]

February 26/Mark 12

Verses 1-12 > This is a sobering story. The point > God sent his son Jesus into His world to save us from our sins. Our sins had separated us from God. He loves us so much that He wants to spend ... [Continue Reading]

February 25/Mark 11

Verses 1-11 > Ok so here is what caught my eye in this chapter.  Jerusalem is hopping with people because of the Passover Celebration. The city is swarming with three times the number of people and ... [Continue Reading]

February 24/Mark 10

Verse 1 > Once again crowds gathered around him, and as usual he was teaching them. Jesus was always in the teaching mode. Whether you and I like it or not we are always in the teaching mode. Why ... [Continue Reading]

February 23/Mark 9

This respitory flu has been rough on me but I am feeling much better today. A sweet 'thank you' for all of you who were praying! Verses 1-9 > The brilliant whiteness showed that Jesus was ... [Continue Reading]

February 22/Mark 8

Verses 1-10 > In chapter 6 Jesus fed five thousand men and their families. The disciples saw that so I don't think they could so quickly forget that incident. Here in chapter 8 their are four ... [Continue Reading]

February 19/Mark 7

Verses 1-23 > We tend to be a 'do it yourself' society. That is why places like Home Depot and Menard's came on the scene. There are also tons of 'self help' books available on everything from ... [Continue Reading]

February 18/Mark 6

Verses 1-6 > A man was viewing some art in a well known art museum. After some time he said to the guard, "I don't see any great value in this art." The guard responded, "Sir, the paintings are not ... [Continue Reading]

February 17/Mark 5

As we read the two stories in this chapter let the fact that Jesus has authority and power over demons, sickness and death strengthen your faith in Jesus today. Remember he left his authority with ... [Continue Reading]