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January 11 – Matthew 6

In the first 18 verses of Matthew 6 I notice 2 key words > When & Will. When we become Christians Jesus automatically assumes that we will work at developing these 4 spiritual disciplines. ... [Continue Reading]

Jan. 8 – Matthew 5

In our home when either Cleo or myself is being moody or out of sorts the other one will say, "Attitude Check". This causes a stop in the action to take time to examine our attitude to see if this is ... [Continue Reading]

Jan. 7 – Matthew 4

In this chapter Jesus shows us how life is to be lived; by being led by the Holy Spirit. We are all going to be tempted to do wrong in this life. To overcome these temptations we need the power and ... [Continue Reading]

Jan. 6 – Matthew 3

The first three words of this chapter, In those days, caught my attention. It had been about 400 years since the end of Malachi and the start of the book of Matthew. God did not speak to the people ... [Continue Reading]

Jan. 5 – Matthew 2

In this chapter we have some men who have traveled a long ways to find Jesus and to worship Him. The bible calls them 'wise' men. We don't know how many there were but that doesn't matter. There are ... [Continue Reading]

Jan. 4 – Matthew 1

Hey Hilltop welcome to the Inspire blog. I, Pastor Dan, will try to glean something from each chapter each day on our daily reading plan that will hopefully inspire you to live daily for Jesus and to ... [Continue Reading]