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February 16/ Mark 4

Verses 1-20 > for a commentary on these verses listen to the sermon I preached on February 14 two days ago. Verses 21-23 > Jesus is the Light of the World and he will not be hidden. We ... [Continue Reading]

February 15/Mark 3

Verses 1-7 > You gotta love Jesus. In the midst of all the hate that surrounded him Jesus' focus remained on the needs of people. I love the way he 'noticed' the man with the deformed hand. Jesus ... [Continue Reading]

February 12/Mark 2

We have barely had time to rest and Jesus is on the move again in Chapter 2! Verses 1-12 > You notice that Jesus forgave the man's sins before he healed him. The real pressing need of all of ... [Continue Reading]

February 11/Mark 1

Hey Hilltop we finished one book of the New Testament! While Matthew was written primarily to the Jews and his emphasis was on Jesus the King; Mark is writing primarily to the Romans and his emphasis ... [Continue Reading]

February 10/Matthew 28

Verses 1-10 > These truly are some of the most important verses in the Bible for they tell of our savior Jesus coming back from the dead proving that he is God. Proving that believing in Him truly ... [Continue Reading]

February 9/Matthew 27

Verses 1-10 > These people represented the Law and the Law cannot forgive. Their is no grace in the Law. The law can only condemn. The purpose of the law was to lead people to Jesus so that instead ... [Continue Reading]

February 8/Matthew 26

Verse 4 > how many times do we do things in secret that we don't want anyone else to know about and yet God can see all. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you live in the fear of the Lord > to take ... [Continue Reading]

February 5/Matthew 25

Each football team in the National Football League has a starting quarterback and a backup quarterback. The backup guy has to know all the plays just like the starting quarterback. He has to go ... [Continue Reading]

February 4/Matthew 24

This is an information packed chapter on end times. This hasn't been a strong suit of mine simply because I haven't had a burning desire to do the research. I have mainly tried to get to know Jesus ... [Continue Reading]

February 3/Matthew 23

This is the last public sermon given by Jesus and O what a Stinger it was! When parents are leaving for a night out and the kids are staying home with the oldest one as the babysitter; Mom will ... [Continue Reading]