At Hilltop we desire much more than a building and a name for ourselves.  We are a community of faith.  Our spiritual and relational needs as individuals reach far beyond our  Sunday morning worship services.  The only way to build rich, lasting relationships with each other is to spend time together in more personal settings.  In light of that we offer many different LifeGroups that enhance our experience together.

LifeGroups are small groups that meet throughout the week at Hilltop, in people’s homes, and out in the community. Some of our LifeGroups focus on specific topics, others are relationally driven, and some center around specific interests and activities. As our groups continue to grow you will find something for everyone!

How to Join a Group

If you would like more information on joining a life group send us an email explaining the type of group you are looking for and we’ll get you connected with the leader of a group that most likely fits your needs.