Missions and Charities

Missions is the heartbeat of everything we are at Hilltop. Since our very first financial gift to help start a Christian training center in Guatemala, which eventually evolved into the House of Hope orphanage, we have taken seriously our assignment to “help people win at life” in other countries by praying, giving and sending.  We currently support 18 missionaries in 8 different countries whose focuses include: rescuing children from poverty and oppression, equipping leaders to continue their work, and translating the Bible into the languages of those who have not yet been able to read God’s Word for themselves.

Javier and Erin Gómez

Javier and Erin Gómez are missionaries in Guatemala with their three children: Brandon, Darwin and Rita. They are the directors of a private school called Oasis Christian School. The students of the school come from diverse backgrounds. The goal is to share the gospel with each and every student and through each child reach an entire family for Christ.

They minister weekly at the government orphanage. They visit churches and other schools whenever they are invited, sharing the gospel through songs, games, and stories. During vacations they present Vacation Bible Schools in the area of Zacapa and remote villages.

Unseen Ministries

In today’s media-saturated world, groups seeking to reach the lost and hurting need to be able to tell their story with the videos, writing, graphic design, photography, and web content people respond to. Unfortunately, many cannot. Unseen Ministries is a global team of artists and visionaries who – by providing these tools – seek to bridge the gap between these “unseen” missions groups and those who would support them.