RightNow Media


From Twitter to Facebook to smartphones to tablets to 80″ flat screen TVs, for better or worse, digital media has an incredible impact on our society affecting all of us.  Understanding this, the leadership of Hilltop Celebration Church concluded that it is necessary to find ways to use media to enrich our lives and reach out to our community.  One of the ways we are doing this is by making RightNow Media available to the people of Hilltop! RIGHTNOW MEDIA – an online video library that provides seemingly endless access to video teachings, Bible studies, short films, illustrations and kids’ programs guaranteed to challenge and encourage you in your walk with the Lord. (It’s basically NETFLIX for the Church)  Check out this short video for a basic explanation of all that RightNow has to offer, or click the RightNow banner above to check out their homepage.  Then, if you would like to be able to access it from your home computer or other web capable device, message us with your email address, and we will send you some simple instructions that will get you connected for free! It’s sooo simple…and incredibly fun to use!

Interested?  Email us with your email address here.